Mumbai Collective Poetry

As I’ve noted in a previous field note collective narrative documentation involves the process of collaboration in constructing ways to archive and “…describe the skills and knowledges that people are engaging with to deal with hard times” (Denborough, 2007, p 28).  The documents take on many forms such as art, poems, written collections, lists, photos, etc. They serve as not only an archive of a peoples' collective wisdom and knowledge but also as a testament to what people have been through as well as their shared hopes and preferences for the future. They provide a way of re-telling preferred stories and invite responses.  They assist moments in time to live on and be shared with a wider audience.  

The following collective document archives a series of collective poems authored at the Room Full of Stories Conference held in Mumbai India in October 2016.  These pieces were crafted during the preconference workshop while exploring collective documentation (see Denborough, D., 2008).  Thank you to all who participated in the spirit of exploration and discovery throughout our two days together.    

Participants also crafted responses to witnessing the Pen Pal Project videos from 2013 and 2016.  These videos archived the relationship building initiative between First Nation and Canadian children.  


Denborough, D. (2008). Collective narrative practice: Responding to individuals, groups and communities who have experienced trauma.  Adelaide, Australia: Dulwich Centre Publications.

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