Brief Narrative Practice in Single Session Therapy

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Co-crafting take-home documents at the walk-in

Cooper, S. & ‘Ariane’ (2018), Co-crafting Take-home Documents at the Walk-in.  In M.F. Hoyt, M. Bobele, A. Slive, J. Young, & M. Talmon (Eds.), Single-Session Therapy by Walk-In or Appointment: Clinical, Supervisory, and Administrative Aspects.  New York:  Routledge.

Brief narrative practice at the walk-in clinic: The rise of the counterstory

Cooper, S. Brief narrative practice at the walk-in clinic: The rise of the counterstory [online]. International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work, No. 2, 2014: [23]-[30].

This paper describes the development of counterstories in brief narrative single session therapy. Counterstories, being a specific kind of story, involve the juxtaposition of counter plot to the problem plot and set out to rehabilitate a compromised identity. Although in the time constrained context of therapeutic walk-in clinic conversations counter stories are vulnerable to eclipse by the problem narrative there are ways to inoculate it and assist it to further thicken well after the initial face to face contact.

Quality assurance at the walk-in: Process, outcome and learning

Cooper, S. Quality assurance at the walk in clinic: Process outcome and learning [online]. International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work, No. 4, 2013: [30]-[37]. 

With the emergence of walk-in counseling clinics throughout Ontario, Canada the need for a measure of quality assurance and outcome has never been greater. This paper will share a post session questionnaire for use at walk-in counseling clinics congruent with a brief narrative approach that serves to assess quality and outcome and also further serves as a learning tool for clinicians. 

Masters of Narrative and Collaborative Therapies: The voices of Andersen, Anderson, and White

Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group - July 25, 2011

Editors: Tapio Malinen, Scot Cooper, Frank Thomas

Tom Andersen, Harlene Anderson, and Michael White have shaped the landscapes of dialogical, collaborative, and narrative therapies. This unique book archives one of their gatherings and, in the spirit of therapeutic practice, is conversational and captures the presentations and exchanges between the three main contributors and international discussants. Tom Andersen invites us along to navigate...

Narrative Community Practice: Neighbouring communities re-visited

Journal of Systemic Therapies (2011)

Author: Scot Cooper

There are several articles and books articulating the structures, practices, and application of narrative therapy ideas to community and collective practice (Denborough, 2008; White, 2003; Freedman, 2009). As of yet there is very little that speaks to what Michael White called the “ripples” of these projects. This refers to the various effects and ongoing reverberations from community...

Towards Co-composing an Evidence Base: The narrative therapy re-visiting research project

Young, K. & Cooper, S. (2008).  Toward co-composing an evidence based: The narrative therapy re-visiting project, Journal of Systemic Therapies,27 (1), 67 – 83).

In this article we report on the Narrative Re-Visiting Research Project. Narrative ways of thinking shape research in ways that strive to center the voice of the therapy participant. We will present qualitative research findings that bring to the forefront the personal thoughts of the participants about what was meaningful and useful in the…

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