Consultation Services

Consultation Services serve as a means to continue to foster a culture of learning and skill integration within an organization congruent with contemporary brief therapeutic approaches to services.  Consultative services are competency-based, collaborative, and available via the Zoom platform.  Consultation services involve:

  • Structuring safety up front with participating staff.
  • Fostering a culture of learning, exploration and discovery
  • Facilitation in harmony with contemporary brief working assumptions- building off of staff practice wisdom, foregrounding competencies, and exploring whats possible in harmony with brief service practice.  

Program Development involves collaboration in regards to shaping your service delivery model, structures, paperwork, data collection and evaluation.  Emphasis is on the co-shaping of services that makes sense for people, put service delivery up front, and are in harmony with agency practice ethics and mission. Program development involves:

  • Bring into focus agency/program practice ethics that inform service delivery
  • Aligning paperwork, recordings, and language with brief services thinking and methodology
  • Developing tools and measures of services that not only elicit outcome data but equally highlight process and contribute to the ongoing skill development of your service providers.


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