Single Session Therapy Workshop

When we have only one conversation with people in distress, how do we assist that conversation to not only be useful in assisting people to  address their distress but also to stay with them long after the conversation?  That is the purpose that this workshop will address.  Regardless of the severity or duration of the presenting problem, there is always somewhere to go in conversation to arrive at a place in which people will experience themselves as having the 'know how'  to move their life forward. 

People employ a great deal of knowledge that can be further languaged into existence, made visible and serve to address their distress.  That knowledge may show up as skills for living, moral codes, family wisdom, and experiences of life as told through story.   In our responsibility to hear and participate in that knowledge construction brief narrative therapy becomes most relevant.  This workshop will introduce participants to:

  • Process from pre-session paperwork through to endings, 
  • The foundation of a brief competency-based approach,
  • How to hear and expand entry points to preferred 'stories in the making’,
  • Exploration of many questions to foreground possibility and difference,
  • Ways to assist meaningful conversations to provide a foundation for the co-development of next steps, proposals for action that are culturally and contextually relevant to people's lives. 

These skills will prove highly useful in walk-in/quick access clinic settings or other time-constrained service delivery contexts.    

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