Advanced Single Session Therapy

It’s not unlikely that if you work in single session or quick access/walk-in therapy contexts you have had the experience of being taken to the ceiling of your skillset.  You may have struggled to know how to proceed or have felt off course in the conversation.  Those are not times to be disheartened but rather times in which we can see the people consulting to us as our unpaid teachers or supervisors.  Those are the times through reflection and practice that we are invited to stretch our skills, develop our creativity, or perhaps explore undiscovered country in therapeutic conversations.

This workshop provides a venue for you to further extend your therapeutic skills for single session therapeutic contexts.  Working with segments of transcript, scenario discussions, and video review, we will explore options for proceeding amidst various levels of complexity.  Participants will be introduced to a Practice Continuum assisting to make visible the tensions and pulls in single session conversations inviting critical reflection during the conversation or in review.  We will also explore a quality assurance/outcome measure that holds us accountable to our practice intentions and further informs our own professional growth.  

It is recommended that participants have completed the introduction to single session therapy and have experience at walk-in clinics or other time-constrained contexts.  This workshop can be tailored to address your agencies specific objectives.  

Areas for exploration can include:

  • Extending our listening for the range of entry points to ‘stories in the making’ and counter stories.
  • Ways to resist replicating the politics of culture in session.
  • Drawing out the subordinate storylines heard in the experience of trauma, separation/divorce, bullying, problem eating, self-harm, parent – teen conflict.  
  • Ways to move from low context to high context conversations.
  • How to craft ‘take-away documentation’ to support a counter story.

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